About Shao Yang

  • Born in China, Bi-Lingual & Bi-Cultural
  • Ph. D. in Chemistry, Harvard University
  • 16 years of Experience in Biotech Industry
  • A Proud Father of Two Students in FUSD
  • Volunteer for FUSS4schools, CBC and MSJH PTA

More about Shao Yang

I am running for election to the School Board out of my strong passion and obligation to serve ALL of our students. Having 2 children in the FUSD schools and having volunteered in the school district, I understand the importance of quality education. I see how at-risk students are turned around when they get proper guidance and support; I see how disadvantaged students are strengthened when they get equitable learning opportunities; I see how community come together when they share common goals and when there are effective communication. The Board as the governing body can do so much in addition to balancing budget and making policies.

I received a Ph. D. degree in Chemistry from Harvard University. I have been working as a Senior Scientist in the biotech industry for over 16 years. I have served on various governing boards overseeing annual budget of 6+million dollars.