Why Yang Shao

Yang Shao’s Goals 

  • Represent ALL students
  • Work with ALL stakeholders
  • Find feasible solutions for ALL challenges


Are you Concerned About

  • Campus Bullying
  • Over-crowded Classes
  • Obsolete Facilities

As a scientist I am trained to identify the problem and apply the right measures accordingly. Part of the problem we are facing stems from the immigrant culture. As a first-generation immigrant from Asia, I see a way to help educate the immigrant communities in Fremont so that they will not be imposing their own values and standards on their children, but be open to allow their children to grow to be who they are. Further, as an outsider to the existing system, I am able to provide unbiased and “out-of-the-box” solutions.

My top objectives:

Student Achievement: Make sure all students are provided equitable opportunities to learn; make sure teachers are getting professional training especially given the new Common Core Standards that are in place. Bullying, including cyber bullying and academic bullying has become a bigger problem as social networking becomes more prevalent. We need to do all we can to help students build character and gain empathy for others.

Building healthy budget: This ongoing crisis is causing us to increase class size, cut school days, cut programs and staffing. We don’t have enough money to keep our campus facilities and equipments in good order or to have sufficient technology support; schools run out of copy papers, ink cartridges and toilet papers. While we continue to seek support and understanding from our State Legislature, we also need to find other sources of funding like Bond measures, partnerships with corporations and local businesses, grant money, etc.

Community Support: Many of our community members do not have children in FUSD. They are tired of being asked to give donation all the time and to support measures such as parcel tax and bonds. We need to reach out to them to help them see the importance of investing into our children’s future.

I will do my best to work with all the people who share the same vision to help FUSD become one of the best school districts in the world that

  • Provides equal opportunities to ALL students for all-round achievements.
  • Keeps healthy budget
  • Reaches out to the community and gains support.

Yang Shao will listen to you.
Please contact: shao4schools@gmail.com